Terms & Conditions

1. Definitions

User Agreement:

This User Agreement of The Erasmus Recruitment Platform

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform:

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform (General Partnership), founded by the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) and Study Association of the Rotterdam School of Management (STAR).


A person who has created a Profile and therefore has access to the Website through his/her log in credentials.


All of the information the User provides and uploads onto the Website. This includes all background information as well as that uploaded into the User’s Curriculum Vitae and Gradelist.


The complete technical infrastructure and all of its capabilities that are offered through the URLs https://www.erasmusrecruitmentplatform.nl/, https://www.erasmusrecruitmentplatform.com/, https://www.erasmusrecruitmentdays.com/, https://erasmusrecruitmentdays.nl/, https://www.erd.nl/, https://www.erd.com/, https://www.erasmusrecruitment.nl/, https://www.erasmusrecruitment.com/, https://erasmusrecruitmentservice.nl/, and https://erasmusrecruitmenservice.com/

Login credentials:

The combination of the users email address and password that gives the User access to the website and his/her Profile.


The legal entity (often represented by a recruiter) that uses the website in order to get in touch with potential future employees for the purpose of recruitment, selection, and/or labor market communication. .

Company Profile:

A collection of information and/or data, including, but not exclusively photos, videos and other material that is being communicated by an Employer.

2. Relevance

2.1 Legally binding agreement

By creating a Profile, a User enters legally binding agreement and agrees to be bound by this User Agreement.

2.2 Disagreement with terms

In the event that a User does not agree with any of the terms in this User Agreement then he/she may submit a written request to the The Erasmus Recruitment Platform for different provisions. This can be done by sending an email to info@erasmusrecruitmentplatform.nl

3. Services and limitation of liability

3.1 Disclaimer of any legal liability concerning communication between Users and Employers

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform does not regulate the communication between Users and Employers. Therefore the Erasmus Recruitment Platform has no control over the quality, safety, legality, integrity or accuracy of various parts of the Website. The Erasmus Recruitment Platform therefore does not accept any legal liability for any content of any communication and/or any information that is not provided by The Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

3.1 Disclaimer of any legal liability concerning the use of the Website

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform will not accept legal liability for any damages resulting from the use of the Website, including, but not limited to, an incorrect Match.

4. Profile

4.1 Being considered as User

Creating a Profile happens by entering the information that is required in the registration from, which is accessible via the URLs stated in article 1 and consequently by clicking on the “Register Now” button. From that moment on the person who completes this process is considered a User.

4.2 Guarantee of accurate and true information

A User warrants to The Erasmus Recruitment Platform a guarantee that all the information that a User has entered in the registration form and/or uploaded on the Website, including, but not limited to the information entered in the CV section of the User, is accurate and true. If The Erasmus Recruitment Platform has a valid reason to believe that the information provided by a User is incomplete, untrue, misleading or incorrect, then it is entitled to delete the information, and if it so wishes, to terminate the Profile of the concerning User entirely.

4.3 Restriction to create a Profile under someone else’s name

It is not allowed to create a Profile under someone else’s name unless this person has given permission.

4.4 Confidentiality of a User’s password

A User is responsible for the confidentiality of his/her password, which gives access to the Users account. It is not allowed for a User to grant access to any third party organization under any circumstances.

4.5 Personal Profile

A profile is assigned to a designated individual person and is not transferrable.

4.6 Restriction type of users

Only students who are enrolled at a Dutch University are entitled to create and maintain a Profile. Also, graduates of Dutch universities who have graduated no more than two years to date are allowed to maintain a Profile. In the event that The Erasmus Recruitment Platform has valid reason to believe that a User does not meet either of these criteria, it has the right to terminate his/her Profile.

4.7 Profile termination

A User may at any time terminate or deactivate his/her Profile by sending an e-mail requesting Profile termination or deactivation to info@erasmusrecruitmentplatform.nl. The Profile will then be terminated or deactivated as soon as possible. Upon termination, The Erasmus Recruitment Platform will not save the Users data without his/her permission. Upon termination or deactivation the User will receive a confirmation by email.

4.8 Profile termination by The Erasmus Recruitment Platform

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform has the right to terminate a User’s Profile for no or any reason, at any time, with or without notice.

5. License / Access of Profile by Employers

5.1 License

By uploading or sending data to the Website, a User grants The Erasmus Recruitment Platform an irrevocable, unconditional, worldwide, unlimited, perpetual and royalty-free license to use this data, or any part thereof, in any way it seems fit, in some or all media. Moreover, in doing so, a User renounces his/her so-called moral or similar rights regarding the data. In the event that The Erasmus Recruitment Platform would sell or transfer its – or parts of its – business activities to a third party, The Erasmus Recruitment Platform has and maintains the right to also sell and/or transfer the Profile of any User.

6. Use of the Website

6.1 Entitlement to use the Website

A User guarantees that he/she is entitled to make use of the Website and that the User acts in compliance with this User Agreement. Moreover, a User guarantees that he/she will at any time fulfil the commitments he/she made by agreeing to this User Agreement and will always act in compliance with the laws and rules governing the use of the Website.

6.2 Use is limited to labour market orientation

A User is only entitled to make use of the Website for the purposes of labour market orientation as a potential future candidate, getting in touch and/or staying in touch with Employers and/or applying to jobs, internships, placements, events or any other opportunity an Employer is offering through the Website.

6.3 Not allowed to use the Website for commercial purposes

It is explicitly not allowed to use the Website for direct or indirect purposes. That includes using, exporting, saving, and/or processing contact details of Employers and/or any data and/or information displayed on an Employer’s Company Profile for any commercial purpose.

6.4 Not allowed to duplicate and/or make information public

A User is only allowed to use the information he/she receives from either an Employer or The Erasmus Recruitment Platform for personal objectives. The information may not be used for any other purpose, including duplicating it or making the information public without prior written permission from The Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

6.5 Not allowed to use the Website in an automatic or manual manner

The Website is meant to be used for personal objectives by normal browser-use. It is hence not allowed to use the (data available on the) Website or to access the data on the Website through the use of other technology or software. Hyperlinks should lead directly to the context, within which The Erasmus Recruitment Platform offers content. It is also not allowed to circumvent and/or to remove any technical security on the Website or make this possible for others.

6.6 Responsibility for the information that is available on the Website

A User accepts that he/she carries the responsibility for the content and nature of all information that he/she fills out, uploads and/or communicates on the Website.

6.7 Other restrictions regarding the use of the Website

Regardless any other terms of this User Agreement, a User is not permitted to use the Website:

(i) for any unlawful cause;

(ii) in any way resulting in a diminished functionality of the Website or that may cause damage to the functionality of the Website;

(iii) for spreading, sending or uploading computer viruses or other files or software that cause damage to the Website, other Users and/or Employers;

(iv) for spreading, sending or uploading material that is slanderous, insulting, obscene or threatening of nature or that may lead to irritation, inconvenience or unnecessary commotion;

(v) in a way that results in an infringement of any right of any person or legal entity;

(vi) for spreading any material with the purpose of gaining publicity, promotion and/or advertising without the prior written permission of The Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

7. Intellectual Property Rights

7.1 Intellectual property rights

A User acknowledges that all copyrights, trademarks and all other intellectual property rights that are part of the Website, that become and are property of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, will remain property of Erasmus Recruitment Platform or its license providers and are part of the copyrights, adjacent rights and database rights of Erasmus Recruitment Platform me and other applicable rights as trademarks.

7.2 Not allowed to download, copy, alter or make public

It is explicitly not allowed to download, copy, alter or make public any files, software and/or materials that are available on the Website for direct or indirect commercial purposes or for any purpose other than those described in article 7.2, unless prior written permission is given by the Erasmus Recruitment Platform.

7.3 Not allowed to copy, alter or use source code

It is not permitted to copy or alter the source code of the Website, to use it as the basis for any work or to try to retrieve the source code in any way or sell, vest, sub-license, transfer or establish any right on the information or source code.

8. Privacy

8.1 Bound by Privacy Policy

By using the Website, a User is bound by our Privacy Policy.

8.2 Permission to process data

A User grants permission to The Erasmus Recruitment Platform to process the data that he/she fills out on- or uploads to the Website and to incorporate these into one or more files.

8.3 Processing of data by The Erasmus Recruitment Platform

The processing of data that is filled out on- or uploaded to the Website by a User, by Erasmus Recruitment Platform, is done in the context of, amongst other things, offering services of the Erasmus Recruitment Platform, the maintenance of the relationship between the Erasmus Recruitment Platform and the User, the management of our technical infrastructure, the ability to fulfil our legal obligations, the execution of market studies, market- and user analysis, the improvement of our technical infrastructure and/or the usability of the Website.

8.4 Anonymous data collection about Website visits and user behavior

Data collection is done with regard to visits of the Website and the behavior of a User on the Website. This data is on the one side used for anonymous, statistical research and on the other side for adjusting the Website to the preferences of a User as much as possible. The latter is, amongst other things, being done by the use of Cookies.

8.5 Permission sending notifications

A User grants permission to The Erasmus Recruitment Platform to send messages to the email address that a User has filled out on the Website, in the context of notifications of Employers and updates of any significance.

9. Applicable law, choice of court, void and voidable terms

9.1 Dutch law

Dutch law is applicable to all contracts and agreements that involve The Erasmus Recruitment Platform as party.

9.2 Choice of court

In the event of a conflict between a User and The Erasmus Recruitment Platform that cannot be settled or concluded in any other way, the only designated court is the authorized court in Rotterdam.

9.3 Void or voidable term

In the event one or more terms of this User Agreement are void or voidable, the concerning term will be replaced by a valid provision that has the same effect.

10. Penalty Policy

By participating in the Erasmus Recruitment Days, you agree to face a penalty if you do not show up for CV-selection activities or any of the special days (International Day, Rotterdam Career Day, Data Analytics Day, Financial Investments Day and Sustainability Day). To compensate for the damage suffered by the ERD (think of rented rooms, purchased materials, reputational damage, etc.) and to give everyone a fair chance to participate in popular activities, we apply a penalty policy.  

Signing out of an activity of the Erasmus Recruitment Days is only possible through sending an email to info@erasmusrecruitmentdays.nl or through www.erd.nl/student/activities.

The penalty policy contains the following rules:

For activities during the Erasmus Recruitment Days 2021 (26th January – 12th February):

  • If you unsubscribe at least two working days before the day your activity takes place, you will not be fined. Beware: only cancellations that are done before 5 pm are accepted.  

  • If you unsubscribe later than 5 pm, two working days before the activity, a fine of €15.00 will be charged.

  • If you do not unsubscribe at all for an activity at the Erasmus Recruitment Days and do not show up at this activity, a fine of €25.00 will be charged.

For example: If you are selected for an activity where CV-selection applies or for a special day on Friday February 5th, and you unsubscribe before 17:00 on Wednesday February 3rd, you will not receive a fine. If you unsubscribe on or after 17:01 on Wednesday February 3rd, respectively, a fine of €15.00 will be charged. If you do not unsubscribe at all, a fine of €25.00 will be charged.

The amount of the fine and about whether or not it will be deducted cannot be discussed with the Erasmus Recruitment Days. The Erasmus Recruitment Days obligates herself to be cautious when handling out a fine. Demonstrable errors will be taken into treatment, and if necessary, corrected. The debt collection of the fine will be communicated to the student at least two weeks before.

When a participant is not able to sign off because an event occurred beyond their control, the participant need to contact the Erasmus Recruitment Days within two (2) weeks after the fine is given. The Erasmus Recruitment Days will look in to the case and take a final decision about the fine.

11. Questions / complaints

If you have any questions or complaints, you can at all times contact The Erasmus Recruitment Platform by sending an email to info@erasmusrecruitment.nl. We will respond to you as soon as possible.