Internship - Low Code Software Development

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Internship

Location: Eindhoven

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We are…

Signify, the new company name of Philips Lighting, is the global leader in lighting building on 125+ years of innovations.
Our purpose is to unlock the extraordinary potential of light for brighter lives and a better world.

This assignment is in the IoT Application Sector of Signify Research. In the IoT Application Creation Group we innovate, explore, prototype and validate propositions with partners on data analytics, AI and software for value beyond illumination. We continuously explore new trends / methods and technologies we see in Software development that could be or become relevant for Signify Research or Signify as a whole.We see low and no code development platforms (LCDP) becoming more and more powerful. While the majority of mobile and web applications today are developed using application frameworks such as React.js and Angular. LCDP promise to increase application development productivity without limiting the integration capabilities required to support our wide range of applications and application concepts. At the same time these tools may offer a solution to manage the diversity in application environments (mobile, web).

Together we can…

In the first phase of this assignment you will be gathering the technical requirements in Signify for applying tools like this. After this, you are driving the evaluation of our shortlist of LCD platforms using an RFI process with their vendors.

In the second part of the assignment you will be working together with a UX designer and software engineers to implement a prototype of a representative application in this domain with one or two selected platforms, exploring the key requirements to validate the benefits and downsides of LCDPs.

Your conclusions and recommendations will be used to further drive our application development roadmap towards versatile yet more efficient application development practices.

The envisioned deliverables of this internship are:
• Prioritized requirements resulting in an RFI for the selected platforms
• An evaluation report listing the pro’s and cons of the selected platforms based on the gathered requirements
• Working prototype showing the proof points of the main requirements for one or two of the evaluated platforms.
• Extensive documentation and sharing of the findings in Signify.

You are…

For this assignment we are looking for a software engineering student with a passion for front-end development. Large part of this assignment is to gather input from various vendors and discuss pro's and cons with our development and UX engineers. Therefore, we are not only asking a drive for technology. You also need to be a very good listener and communicator to work together with the various roles and parties involved in the project.

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