Renewables Fuels Analyst and Process Improvement Lead

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Rotterdam

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The Renewables Compliance and Optimisation team within Trading and Supply is responsible for the optimal deployment of new low carbon fuels across the Europe/Africa region. As the energy transition gathers pace, and external legislaton mandates the use of low carbon technology, the team plays a crucial role in supporting the deployment of solutions across the region, and mantaining the relevance of Shell’s downstream business in a changing World.

The placement

In order to prove compliance against renewable mandates Shell has to report a lot of detailed data to local governments. The primary focus of the role will be to work with the trading digital hub team, and determine how to digitalise the reporting. The incubant will be expected to implement at least three digitalisation projects that reduce manual work and minimise errors in the reporting process. The incumbant will also get the opportunity to work with the trading business development team, and use his or her expertise to help develop the Shell renewables strategies for a number of countries in Europe.

The first year of the role will be broken down as follows;

Months 1-2. Work with the renewables to help with the reporting of data to local authorities, and learn how the current reporting process works.

Months 3-6. Develop digatilisaton startegies for the reporting process

Months 7-12 Implement at least 3 digitialisation projects

Months 9-12. Use knowledge gained in months 1-9 to support the business development team develop renewables roadmaps for a number of European countries.

The role is central to the development of Shell’s ambition to develop cleaner energy solutions in transport. This team, and all roles within it, essentially own the Shell mid-term strategy for renewables in transport in Europe. You will be a key player in this team, and have the oppoprtunity to learn about the renewables market, and Shell’s role within it.

In this role you will develop clear competencies in supply chain development. Your second assignment could be in a chemicals supply chain role, or within the retail business, gaining experience in a customer facing role.

Who are you?

- Analytical thinker. To develop clear digitalisation strategies based on data and knowlge

- Relationship Builder. Will need to work with a number of different stakholders.

- Ability to speak English is essential. Dutch and German would be helpful.

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