Sales Traineeship DACH

Function: Recruitment | 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Rotterdam

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Your mission:

Becoming a social sales hero! (German native speaking only!)

Your job:

As a starter in sales who wants to become a social sales hero, a traineeship is very useful. Within this traineeship you will be joining the inside sales team, learning various aspects of selling, marketing and the Sana-product. The sales environment is complex. Sana sells direct, in-direct via different kinds of partners, worldwide and within multiple business-units. This combined with a complex platform as Sana is, makes it very challenging.

The traineeship will take approximately 18 months in which you will grow from junior inside sale towards senior inside sales and ready to take on your next sales challenge. The steps you can make are target based and crystal clear, so if you can do it faster, you are more than welcome.

Traineeship Program


Starting out, you will learn the best sales theories available for your role (such as SPIN-selling, the Challenger sale and Predictable revenue). You will do this by reading books, giving presentations and sharing knowledge and best practices. Next to that you will get product training, using the Sana-university and will be personally coached by the inside sales manager or a senior inside sales trainee on doing demoes and qualitative calls. You will be helped taking your first steps in becoming a consultative sales hero.


When medior, you will be well trained to do your own demoes, qualifying leads and delivering true value to your potential customers and partners. You will be asked to write at least two blogs, being a product-, sales- and industry expert to be post online at LinkedIn and sana-commerce.com.


Being now in the final stage of inside sales, you will be able (and stimulated) to close your own deals, which also means you must create offers and being able to manage a sales process.

Next to that you will have a clear idea in which role you would like to grow after your traineeship and will already be doing certain tasks belonging to this role.

It is also possible, after completing your medior stage, to work a few months in one of our international sales offices. This can be a great experience but is no necessity within your traineeship, just an opportunity. After finalizing your targets as senior, you will grow into your new role becoming (possibly) a sales manager, customer success manager or partner manager. Other directions can be possible too, depending on your ambitions, skills and performance.

The next step!

After reaching your personally set targets for the senior stage and having decided on your next role, you will develop into your new role in the coming period of 2 to 4 months.

Your tasks during the traineeship:

  • Develop new business via social selling (LinkedIn), telephone and mass communication, such as email and social media.
  • Follow up on leads and conduct research to identify potential prospects.
  • Identify key decision makers to determine project budget and timeline.
  • Handle all incoming customer and prospect requests through multiple channels, such as email, chat, telephone, website and social media.
  • Build and cultivate prospect and partner relationships by initiating communications and conducting follow up in order to move opportunities through the sales funnel.
  • Take care of online product demos and contribute to generating revenue by online closing of standard new business deals.
  • Manage data for new and prospective clients in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, ensuring all communications are logged, information is accurate and documents are attached.

We offer:

  • A dynamic market. E-commerce is happening now. You will work in a fast growing and highly dynamic market where there is everything to win!
  • Ambitious team. Together with the (inside) sales and marketing team, you will work hard to meet our ambitious goals.
  • International work environment. You will work from our headquarters in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, but you will also collaborate with other employees in Europe, Sri Lanka and USA.
  • Growth. To keep your sales skills up to date, you will enjoy on-the-job sales training from our experienced sales managers and accelerated career growth as we grow
  • FUN: Sana has a strong ‘work hard, play hard’ mentality. We love ambition and we love to celebrate our successes together.

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