Traineeship Logistics: Procurement & Supply chain

Function: Vonq | 2 years | 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Rotterdam

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Give your career a flying start in the Netherlands! During our two year traineeship, we prepare you for the British business world and train you to become a true professional.

Are you the dedicated young professional that we are looking for?

As a starter in the job market, you are ambitious and eager to learn. Your international career prospects provide you with the desire to move forward. You are strong and confident, and have a great sense of perseverance. What else?

  • You have an affinity with logistics and economics.
  • You have completed a college or university degree in England.
  • You are prepared to live and work in the Netherlands for two years.

During the traineeship, we require that you live in the Netherlands. Moving is necessary. You will follow a two year traineeship, after which you will be transferred to work in England to get started in one of our branches.

Are you interested so far? Then read on!

Our traineeship

Our goal is for you to cram the necessary skills for key positions within the company in England. To achieve this, we make use of ‘job rotation’. This means that you perform two different functions during the two year traineeship, depending on where your strengths and interests lie. Therefore, you are able to get the right business setting and develop the necessary skills.

Why become a trainee at Samskip?

If you become part of Samskip, you will become acquainted with international business activities: from regulations and services, to different management styles. You will build a valuable network, discover what your abilities are and find out what role suits you best. You will also have the opportunity to take part in challenging projects and receive professional (external) training sessions, plus receive feedback on your performance and behaviour. Incentive to Samskip is important; this is reflected in the mentoring, coaching and evaluation of trainees.

What we offer you

If you become trainee at Samskip, you will receive the following benefits:

  • A competitive market salary, including holiday pay and ‘thirteenth month’
  • 28 days holiday
  • A pension scheme
  • Travel reimbursement

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