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“Why limit myself to numbers and spreadsheets, if I can make growth happen myself?” That’s what drove Chris to join DotControl, one of Rotterdam’s finest digital agencies. At DotControl, he teamed up with Managing Directors Rutger and Mark, and in October 2014 RockBoost was born - the first Dutch Growth Hacking agency.

The mission of RockBoost is simple: to provide growth hacking education, services... Read more

Working at Rockboost

Since its inception in 2014, RockBoost has helped a lot of companies grow exponentially - but now it's up to us to grow! 

From a small, two-headed company to a team of fifteen growth hackers, we're looking for the best of the best to add to our team. Who are we? We're data addicts, marketing geeks and innovation lovers at heart. 

To hack our own growth, RockBoost will start with its own traineeship: The Rockademy. Develop... Read more