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About RebelGroup


Rebel is a young and fast-growing financial-economic consultancy firm that works at the interface of the public and the private sector. We advise, implement and invest - in the Benelux and pretty much on every continent.

With an entrepreneurial spirit we are partners for our clients in the realization of their projects from the start until the end. Our projects range from complex infrastructure investments (e.g. broad band internet in San... Read more

Working at RebelGroup


Are you a Rebel?

Are you born a Rebel or do you become a Rebel? A bit of both. It’s something you have inside you. But if you still have a tendency to sit on the fence when you join us, never fear: we will soon bring out the red-hot Rebel in you!

The Rebel way

We prefer informal interaction and rely on our skills to speak for themselves. And if we don’t have all the answers, we are not afraid to say so. We keep our finger on the... Read more