Internship Economics

Function: full time for 3 to 6 months. | 40 hours a week

Type: Internship

Location: Amsterdam

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At a certain point of your studies you are making decisions about your future career considering all kind of information, listening to friends and close people, but there is nothing like your own experience. An internship at PwC not only offers you an opportunity to build your skills and confidence, but also to work on client projects that will provide you with insight into who we are and what we do for our clients, the economy, or the wider community. Working alongside specialists in your chosen business area, you will be a valued member of the team, with graduate level responsibility. You will be assigned to client projects to develop your understanding of what we really do and you’ll build networks with your colleagues and peer groups. Whichever business area you choose, we're sure you'll find this a worthwhile investment or your time. No matter if you are with the clients; the people; the networks; or the social events, you'll be surprised at the skills you'll develop and how much you'll learn. Opportunity is at the heart of a career at PwC and our Internship offers you just that.
Do you like to solve complex strategic and economic problems? Are you at your best in an ambitious environment? Then take this opportunity to do an internship with our Economics team.

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