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Function: Risk Assurance | 3 - 6 months | 32 hours a week

Type: Internship

Location: Different locations

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You have almost completed your Master's programme and you would like to write your thesis or do your graduate internship at a company. At Risk Assurance, we offer possibilities for graduates throughout the year and will also provide you with effective coaching. Interns get a good impression of the practice and have access to knowledge and data sources that are usually not available to universities. In many cases, a successful internship is an excellent first step toward a career at PwC.

Who are you?

As an graduate intern at Risk Assurance, you want to gain experience that will help get your career off to a flying start. You are a driven student who enjoys pursuing your full potential. You are ambitious, committed to continuous personal development and wish to make a difference.

  • You are in the final phase of your Master’s in Business Economics, Business Administration/Industrial Engineering and Management, Information Systems and Management, Information Science, Business Information Management, Information Technology, Econometrics, Mathematics or another related study programme.
  • You have an affinity with business and IT processes.
  • You have good social skills and are a real team player.
  • You have innovative ideas and dare to think outside of the box.
  • You are available for 3 to 6 months (at least three days per week).
  • You view this final project as a stepping-stone to a job at PwC.
  • You have a good command of Dutch and English (both spoken and written).

What the internship entails

Currently, your most important task at hand is writing your thesis. As an intern in your graduation phase, you will have the opportunity to get to know PwC. You will work on your research paper or thesis in our offices. Of course you will be able to continue meeting all your commitments during your internship. We will be happy to listen to your ideas about the subject as there are so many possibilities. Take, for example, subjects such as Enterprise Risk Management, Cloud Computing, Robotisation, the Internet of Things (IoT), Continuous Assurance, IT-related regulations and data analysis.

The open culture means you will have intense contact with all of your colleagues. Consequently, you will find that support is offered to you not just by your supervisor. Other colleagues will also be happy to help if you have questions or come across problems. As you will be surrounded by professionals serving a wide range of clients, there will be enough opportunities to discuss and evaluate your knowledge, theories and conclusions.

Sanne Amber Maas came to PwC via her graduate internship and she's now been with us for two years: ‘I wrote my Master’s thesis at Risk Assurance. However, I did hesitate quite a long time because I rather liked the idea of spending my last months at the University Library and enjoying my freedom. But eventually I applied and I still think back to that period with a smile. I did not related the subject of my thesis, crowdfunding, to PwC immediately, but it was my ability to clearly explain during my application interview how I intended to link a risk factor to crowdfunding profiles that convinced my PwC coach. Not only did I have access to clients in all sectors, but also to the knowledge of an unbelievable spectrum of professionals. It was a really nice working environment and the internship gave me a couple of months to show what I was made of and find out if PwC was a right fit for me. After many talks with my PwC coach, cups of coffee with other colleagues, and thesis crisis moments with fellow interns, I had my MSc certificate and, on top of that, a PwC contract after the first thesis deadline'.

A graduate internship at PwC is an opportunity to gain valuable and relevant experience. In addition to writing a thesis, there will also be opportunities to gain practical experience. As part of the Risk Assurance team, you will be supporting our clients with innovative services, products and tools used for the proactive monitoring and managing of risks in an ever-increasingly complex society. On the one hand, you will assist them in auditing and assessing internal control systems and with fraud prevention in the interest of preparing reliable financial statements. On the other hand, you will be advising clients in the area of, for example, big data, cyber security, data analysis and ERP systems, all as part of our risk and control activities.

What we are offering

Doing an internship at PwC means working with inspirational colleagues under extensive employment conditions that have been put together with due consideration for your future growth and a flexible approach to work and life.

  • You will have access to our information sources as well as the knowledge and experience of your future colleagues.
  • You will receive active support when searching for a relevant topic and writing your thesis.
  • You will receive a company laptop and a generous internship allowance.

While you write your thesis, you will be allowed to shadow client engagements. It will be an opportunity for you to observe for yourself how our professionals evaluate company processes, test business measures and provide advice on process, IT and control issues.

Who are we?

We are PwC, established in 1849. Through various mergers, we have now become a worldwide business service provider with activities in the field of Assurance, Tax and Advisory. We operate in this field within a large range of sectors and clients.

We employ 223,000 people, across 157 countries PwC Nederland employs a total of over 4,700 people. Our relevance and purpose is ‘building trust in society and solving important problems’. This manifests itself in the way we work and who we are, guided by our values: Act with integrity, Make a difference, Care, Work together and Reimagine the possible. For more background information about us, visit our website.

The vacancy of Risk Assurance graduate internship is part of the Risk Assurance business unit in the Audit & Assurance line of services, in which we assist customers in auditing their financial statements, preventing fraud and assessing their internal control systems. As part of Risk Assurance, you will be supporting our clients with innovative services, products and tools used for the proactive monitoring and managing of risks in an ever-increasingly complex society. You will help them achieve efficient, effective and controlled company processes and systems and address issues in the area of big data, cyber security, data analysis, IT audits, and internal audits. We do this from our offices in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Zwolle and Eindhoven. 

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