Internship Philips: ICT / Communication

Function: at least 3 months | 40 hours a week

Type: Internship

Location: Amsterdam

Salary: €300

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Philips Capital is looking for an intern with a ICT / Communication background to help us implement a new Microsoft SharePoint environment. The SharePoint is used to give our global team members access to a library of documents and tools, and also serves to upload information on financial transactions. As our information needs have changed in the last two years, we are looking to restructure the site and its design.
In your internship, you will need to:
- Investigate information requirements from different users;
- Transform requirements into proposed solutions for the SharePoint structure and layout;
- Build, test and implement the new SharePoint solution; and
- Document in a manual: i) a user guide for those who use the site and ii) a guide for the site owner how to edit the site.
You need to:
- Currently studying towards your Bachelor/Master's (Bsc./Msc.) in: (Business) Economics, Business Informatics, Finance or ICT
- Be able to clearly structure ideas into a plan
- Have a hands-on knowledge of Microsoft SharePoint
- Site structuring
- Database design
- Page layout
- Be able to clearly present different alternatives for implementation
- Have a good command of English
- Work in an environment that will at times require you to work independently
- Non-thesis
- EU candidate or studying in the Netherlands

Please notice that you will receive an allowance depending on the nature of the internship (at least €300 per month) and that you are registered  as a student during the whole period of the internship.



Information Management

Required Languages



The first selection will be managed by Randstad, after that you will be interviewed by the hiring manager of Philips. Randstad is only involved with selecting candidates. You will be escorted by Philips and get a Philips contract.