Analyst/Junior Risk Manager

Function: 12 months | 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: The Hague & Amsterdam

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Why would you want to work for NIBC’s Operational Risk Management/Information Security team?

NIBC’s Operational Risk Management (ORM) function is responsible for actively promoting a “no surprises” operating environment, which provides for the transparent and consistent management of operational risks across all business units and banking activities in the Netherlands, Germany, the UK and Belgium. Information Security is an important part of the operating environment and this is achieved by implementing a suitable set of controls, including policies, processes, procedures, organizational structures and software and hardware functions. These controls need to be established, implemented, monitored, reviewed and improved, where necessary, to ensure that the specific security and business objectives of NIBC are met.


What will you do?

As junior Risk Manager you will be exposed to all areas of the NIBC organization, assisting in the further improvement of the control environment by facilitating risk assessments and assessing operational risk events and information security breaches. Regarding the latter, you will use your knowledge to challenge the complete, accurate and timely resolution of deviations from NIBC’s risk appetite framework. You are involved in applying and continuously improving NIBC’s Information Security Management System which among others includes establishing safeguards to protect information assets from theft, misuse and damage, and promote information security awareness within NIBC. This in order to protect the confidentiality, maintain the integrity and ensuring the availability of NIBC information and information processing facilities. Furthermore you are also involved in projects and change initiatives, ensuring that risk management policies and procedures are being adhered to.

What will you get?

The benefits of a smaller dynamic firm: being able to work where, when and how you want. You will not work on a tiny piece of a huge complex puzzle within a big corporation, but see the direct impact of what you do in the firm and its customers. Being a talent in a smaller bank will give you substantial responsibilities, direct exposure to senior management and enable you to understand how the whole bank works and where you can best leverage your talents.

We might offer you a spot in the Talent Program together with a small group of selected talents from all over the bank. This 12 month intensive program focuses on your personal and professional development. For more information please have a look at our website. https://www.nibc.com/about-nibc/careers/talent-program/

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