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About Improven

Young Improven Programme

We proudly present the Young Improven Program. A two-year program in which we will teach you what
it entails to be a consultant. The program consists of three elements:

Basic consultancy skills like advisory skills and personal effectiveness, supplemented by subject-specific
training based on the ‘Improven Way of Working’.
The program will be completed by preparing an individual and a group... Read more

Working at Improven

For you

Young Improven is the unique program of our fast-growing consultancy firm especially for someone like you. Are you looking for an inspiring job where your talent is recognized? Where people value your energy, curiosity and excellent social skills? Where you can do what you are good at and can grow quickly in changing roles? Then Young Improven is your chance.

Finance, IT and Risk

Young Improven offers young talents the opportunity to take... Read more