Supply Chain & Operations Traineeship

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Amersfoort

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The supply of milk lies at the basis of different valuable product flows. The challenge here is to process all the milk supplied, whether in a Mona dessert or in Milner cheese. But milk components are also processed into pharmaceutical raw materials, semi-finished products or infant and toddler nutrition.

All in all, you will have a tough task at Operations: your goal is to streamline and improve production from a number of different perspectives. You will make an important contribution to safety, innovations, quality of products and processes, and to the demands we make in the fields of hygiene and the environment. In short, you will be involved in nearly all aspects there are to FrieslandCampina.

To properly fulfil its duties, Operations works in close concert with the Supply Chain discipline. At FrieslandCampina, Supply Chain focuses on total chain management, from cow to fridge. Logistics and supply chain management are essential for efficient, profitable business operations and a competitive edge. In all our work, we seek to achieve climate-neutral growth, for instance by bringing about energy efficiencies.

Supply chain management at FrieslandCampina involves far more than supply chain management, transport and transport flows. This discipline also covers such essential issues as contract management, calls for tenders, e-marketing, ERP, APS and outsourcing.

The assignments within this discipline are diversified from a project role within Corporate Supply Chain into a team leadership role in one of our production locations. This gives you the opportunity to learn a lot in a short time. Both the Operations and the Supply Chain disciplines are fields of work in which you, as a professional, will be motivated to perform at your best. Are you the strong link we are looking for?

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