Finance Traineeship

Function: 38 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Amersfoort

Deadline: 19-04-2020

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As finance trainee you will be challenged to get the most out yourself and milk. Are you hungry for result and ready to work in one of our financial teams? Take the chance to determine your career path and add value to our company as finance trainee. The traineeship will give a boost to your career and besides focuses on your personal and professional development.


Job Description and Team Details:
As finance trainee you will be challenged on different aspects. You have to be proactive and need persuasive skills. In the traineeship you will accomplish two of three typical finance roles. This may be a role in financial shared services where the operational finance activities are performed, or a financial role in the business where you discover what drives the business and what direction the company has to go to create more impact, or a job in the field of expert finance where you will set guidelines and boundaries for the business and finance to operate in. In all these roles you will work with different systems and processes.

During the traineeship you are working close together with finance departments, but you are certainly connected with the marketing, sales and supply chain departments as well. Since finance is involved everywhere in the company, you will see and experience many different processes as trainee. However, as financial trainee you should really like the financial part, so it could prevent that ground work needs to be done. That is part of the deal as well!


The FrieslandCampina traineeship is a two-year program, during which you will complete two assignments of one year. The assignments could be an extension of each other or totally different. Your first assignment is assigned to you by us, but during the second assignment you have the opportunity to choose or create your own assignment with our support. When you work at FrieslandCampina you will find out the sky is the limit when it comes to your own career! When you proactively look for new opportunities, anything is possible.

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