Events Erasmus Recruitment Days

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Rotterdam

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As the Commissioner of Events, you are the one organizing the actual two-week event. You need to be able to plan and organise, to keep a helicopter view during the event, to deal with stressful situations and to think in a problem-solving manner. Besides this, it is important to be very precise, to maintain the communication to students, companies and other involved parties. There is no room for error with these numbers of students and recruiters during those two weeks.

Can you make sure the ERD runs perfectly?

You will:
• Lead the two weeks when everything comes together
• Have the contact with the university and caterers
• Make a minute to minute planning
• Create a schedule for over 100 companies for 11 days
• Manage all the Active Members involved with the
• Make sure the ERD runs perfectly