Commercial Relations Erasmus Recruitment Days

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Rotterdam

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As the commissioner of commercial relations, you will
be challenged to involve the most leading, innovative,
international and awesome companies in the Erasmus
Recruitment Days. You are required to have strong
communication skills, to be persuasive, to be able to
negotiate, to be enthusiastic and have the ability to
sell the event. Your biggest challenge is to persuade
companies to join the biggest recruitment event of
Europe and to keep an eye on the long-term relationship.
Will you be able to exceed the targets of last year?
You will:

• Develop an acquisition strategy
• Persuade all kinds of different companies to join the ERD
• Provide the program with the most wanted companies and activities
• Make sure companies sign the contracts
• Top last year’s revenue
• Safeguard the long term relationships with companies
• Develop a huge network