Business/IT Trainee

Function: HRM Recruitment | 1 one year contract, with the intention to make it permanent | 36 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Eendrachtlaan 315, Utrecht

Salary: 2.500 gross a month based on a 36 hourly working week

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About equensWorldline

equensWorldline is one of the leading and most innovative payment service providers in Europe. As experts in financial processing and software licensing we provide services to fulfill all needs of the dynamic European payments market. We process billions of payments, POS and ATM transactions per year. Obviously, all those transactions must be processed seamlessly, securely and efficiently. And that’s what we do. Being a central pillar of the wider Worldline Group, it’s our ambition to support our clients in keeping up with the rapidly shifting market demands. A challenging job, as the payments market – and therefore also our organization – is subject to continuous change. And you can contribute to achieving this goal!

The work environment

We offer you an interesting Traineeship to give you the opportunity to gain experience in the world of Payments. During a year you will participate in several interesting, challenging projects within different pillars of our organization. The goal is to find the most suitable job for you after this year of development. EquensWorldline is based in several European countries; Italy, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg and Finland. We are a part of the Atos/Worldline group, which will give you lots of opportunities .

What will be your job?

You will contribute to several assignments through the whole organization in different divisions to get familiar with the payment industry. Because you will learn about the different aspects of our business, you will experience the complexity and dynamics in the branch. We are working with agile/scrum and also exploring the added value of Robotics. After this year you will be of great value to our company and you become an interesting candidate for all kinds of different positions, in the field of:

  • Engineering;
  • Architecture;
  • Product Management;
  • Business development;
  • Project Management;
  • Service Management;
  • Account management;
  • Business Delivery Management.

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