Traineeship Data Consultant [ENG]

Function: Recruitment | 6 months | 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Rotterdam

Deadline: 31-01-2019

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For our Rotterdam office, we are looking for future data consultants who want to learn from the best consultants in the Netherlands.

Data integrations, Big Data, Algorithms, Machine Learning. You understand their value, they are no goal on itself, but means to solve bigger challenges. Marketing challenges, business challenges. Which clients should we target, what products do we offer, which patterns can we predict? What is the attribution of offline and online campaigns, what media spend is most effective? And so on, and so on.

In our 6 month Data Campus our own experts will teach you everything you need to know to become either a technical analytics or data consultant.. The program consists out of 3 parts:

    1. Theory: with a lot of self study, and some some help of our teachers, you will learn all the basics about the Google Suite, from Analytics and Tag Management, to Big Query and Google Cloud. After that you will continue with programming in JavaScript, Python and R.
    2. Working with us: Step by step we start involving you in running projects. Your part will become bigger and bigger. Intake with the customer, collect the data, structure it, run models and apply the outcomes in our campaigns or platforms together with other teams.
    3. Your own projects: With all the theoretical knowledge, and the first “field experience” you’ve now got, you will get your own projects, instead of you watching us, we will be watching you, until you are fully independent. Ready? Steady? Go!

You will work in a young environment with clever minds that work for a variety of clients such as Rituals, Arla, Vacanceselect, Achmea, and Marlies Dekkers. Yes, we are eager to aboard the most talented experts in the game. But we are also looking for a perfect Dept-fit. Someone who is eager to learn, inspires, strives towards a better world, takes the stage, a futurist at heart, and someone who toasts with us to a successful week. 

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