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About Critical Minds

Critical Minds is dedicated to improving projects and organizations. We operate with a team of driven people that strive to attain one goal: 'to reduce time and materials, while increasing job satisfaction.' We look for bottlenecks in the process and solve the issues together with the organization. We focus first and foremost on the employees in the projects or organizations, because we believe the key to improvement dependents on the human... Read more

Working at Critical Minds

We are looking for new talent with a higher professional education (Bachelor Degree) or university education (Masters Degree) (M/F) with an affinity for technology and above-average interest in business administration. Are you critical, ambitious and unafraid of voicing your informed opinion? Then Critical Minds might be the place for you!

Determine your own clients

We aim to help organizations and projects perform optimally. As a critical mind you... Read more