IT Management Trainee

Function: 2 years | 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Schiphol

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Position Purpose & Summary


The IT Management Trainee  join the EMEA IT Team, completing several assignments working with different areas. The management trainee will be given the opportunity to be a member of different teams during their placement as well as to network with employees and trainees in Cargill.


In the European Graduate Program, you could expect some or all of the following experiences within the first two years with Cargill:

  • Initial assignment to a job

  • On-going virtual learning experiences

  • Frequent feedback and support

  • Networking with International colleagues

Principal Accountabilities


During the program the Graduate will be part of a rotation program which will consist of several assignments (typically three), spending between several months in each assignment over a two-year period. Due to the nature of the assignments the graduate will not be given any long term responsibilities and the role responsibilities will depend on the individual assignments. Your everyday job will be divided equally between project coordination, business analysis and stakeholder management.


The Graduate is expected to take responsibility from day one for her/his assigned tasks in the particular rotation and to be able to carry them out on its own under some supervision/ mentorship. Responsibilities will vary depending on the rotation and business needs, examples are Leading Projects, being a Business Analyst for a particular BU, taking an active part in SAP implementation.


Different assignments in IT during the traineeship program could be: 

  • Business Applications

  • Data and Analytics

  • Business Relationship Management

These can change depending on the focus of the traineeship and availability to other IT Departments, e.g. Plant IT Systems, PMO.


IT Management Trainee at Cargill


Before joining an IT Management Trainee opportunity candidates will likely have an idea on their interest lie, whether on Data Science, Business Analysis, IT Security or Business Relationship Management to name a few within the IT job family. Innovation, Digitalization and Analytics are core competencies for Cargill to be successful in the years to come  and a position in Cargill as IT Management Trainee will give candidates an opportunity for a clear picture of what IT jobs require and how to navigate development into senior roles.


Applicants can choose to remain in specific positions or move into different areas of IT and will have the chance to learn diverse skills and/or acquire qualifications to use throughout their careers. Other advantage of joining the Cargill IT Management Traineeship program are the investment received from the company during approximately 2 years on valuable training, working experience, and maybe even qualifications.


With IT becoming ever more important within business it is likely that IT trainees fit within virtually every area of Cargill activity, so IT trainees are typically able to move to the career that motivates them the most.

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