Financial Management Trainee

Function: Talent Acquisition | 2years | 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Schiphol

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Financial Management Trainee (Accounting and Finance) 

Joining the One Accounting and Finance(One A&F) organisation, this position will be involved with general accounting and finance responsibilities including assistance with preparation of Profit and Loss close and have responsibility involved with the accounting and finance processes and procedures to support the country businesses. 

The trainee will be involved in special projects (sometimes in another country and/or across EMEA) which could include new corporate initiatives and will perform various other tasks as assigned by their manager. As SAP is the finance system of choice for Cargill, the expectation is that this position will be involved in SAP processes to meet the Finance procedures. 

The position will work closely with the commercial and trading teams as well as the people at the production locations which will give insight and knowledge on the specifics of the business. This will enable development not only as a finance person but also to become a good business partner. A specific training program covering additional hands-on experience that will provide the foundation to enable the employee to aspire and achieve a potential management position in the organization while mentored by a Senior Cargill Manager. 

Principal Accountabilities 

During the Finance European Graduate Program, you will acquire a large amount of knowledge on country (local/worldwide) finance and accounting activities that support our businesses. You could be involved in finance activity in another country where Cargill operates and therefore travel will be expected to the other country and an amount of time spent there. 

You will undergo a specific in depth training program covering additional hands-on experience that will provide the foundation for a potential management position. This training will bring you together with fellow finance graduates as well as graduates for other areas of the Cargill EMEA organisation. 

In the European Graduate Program, you could expect some or all of the following experiences within the first two years with Cargill: 

Initial assignment to a job 

On-going formal soft skill development and technical training 

Mentoring provided by a Cargill manager 

Networking with International colleagues 

Involvement with the One A and F transformation across EMEA 


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