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Bain & Company


About Bain & Company

Bain & Company is a global top-3 strategy consulting firm with a passion for achieving measurable results. We help CEOs and top managers make decisions on complex strategic issues. We develop concrete solutions with direct impact on the value of the company. Our clients don’t ask for advice, they want to achieve results. We are informal, direct and honest with our clients and amongst each other. Our culture is characterized by... Read more

Working at Bain & Company

Training & Development
Bain offers a tailored career path. In your first week as an Associate Consultant you will receive a 1-week training together with the other starters. Following the training, you will start on a real case, experience daily interaction with peers and work with feedback. After two months, you will go on a global Associate Consultant Training: together with all global starters, you will learn about Bain's... Read more