Internship: Financial/Pricing Analyst

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Internship

Location: Willem Einthovenstraat 11, 2342 BH Oegstgeest

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As an intern in the Pricing Team, you will Focus on Customers & the Market by empowering the Sales Team through analyses, providing them with key elements necessary to take the best decisions. On top of this, you will also support the front-end organisation and the Pricing team by maintaining our customer’s price lists, carrying out product switches as well as customer mergers in the system.

Finally, you will Provide Vision & Direction to the front-end organisation through monthly reports, tracking price erosion, evaluating projects renewability and supporting the intercompany transfer pricing definition. As the result of the internship, we expect you to improve existing processes through proactive and thorough analyses as well as contribute to ideas and project generation.

Key Internship Responsibilities

  • Conduct regular analyses with regard to profitability of customers and products

  • Evaluate current pricing structure and suggest possible improvements

  • Active involvement with the Sales Team to ensure key targets are met

  • Maintain pricing systems and customer metadata

  • Report on price development and segment trends


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