Junior Investment Data & Reporting Officer

Function: 40 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Heerlen

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Are you as an Investment Data & Reporting Officer a business process chain thinker. Will You take leads without being asked for? Then we are looking for you.


You are a professional, always translating resistance towards change into benefits and solutions. You will never lose focus for the end goal being delivery of reliable investment accounting & reporting products & services and audit proof supporting evidence for the operating effectiveness of underlying processes.


Your Investment Data & Reporting expertise includes:

  • Knowledge of accounting and reporting. More specific in relation to general accepted accounting principles (Dutch GAAP), audit & control frameworks (COSO / ISAE 3402);
  • An analytical background and knowledge of databases and reporting /business intelligence tools;
  • Knowledge of business functions as: Trade support, Reconciliation, Pricing & Valuation, Data management etc;
  • Knowledge of regulatory bodies and regulations (DNB, FTK, DRA, AIFMD).


As Investment Data & Reporting Officer you will provide analysis and (formal) reports/information to in- and external relevant parties/stakeholders. You will be a sparring partner for second line of defense parties (internal oversight functions) and internal/ external auditors. You will contribute and advice the COO/chain-wide as well as APG AM-wide. You will be responsible for implementation of improvements in processes, procedures, systems. You will maintain and translate developments concerning all relevant laws and regulations. You will be leading development, implementation and maintenance of (high quality) models, tools, frameworks in your own area of expertise. Troubleshooting is part of your job. Towards the future you can develop yourself to coordinator or specialist.

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