Industry X.0 Inspiration Center

Function: Interactive | 4-6 Months | 40 hours a week

Type: Internship

Location: Eindhoven

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Disrupt the way the world works by using your skills to transform Accenture clients into the digital industries of tomorrow. Unleash your talent and bring businesses closer to the people they serve via cutting edge digital solutions developed by you. Leave your digital mark on the world.

Your job

Accenture has opened a great new Industry X.0 Inspiration Center in Eindhoven. This location offers an opportunity to see new innovative technologies directly applied on real-life business cases in the world of Research & Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain & Operations and end-to-end business support in these areas.

The Inspiration Center is part of a global network of Accenture Innovation Centers and is meant to showcase new innovations to our clients in the region. Industry X.0 is Accenture’s answer to the Industry 4.0 digital revolution that is quickly and successfully conquering the industry and transforming traditional business models into a new smart, digital and fully connected ecosystem.

If you want to be a part of this digital revolution and are looking for a work- or thesis internship at one of the best ranked employers in the world (#1 Best Employer in The Netherlands in 2016, #1 on Thomson Reuters Index of World’s Most Diverse and Inclusive Companies in 2018 and #1 for best Manufacturing Service Provider in 2019) then Accenture has the best options for you currently on the market!

We offer you a full-time internship at the Eindhoven Industry X.0 Inspiration Center on the High-Tech Campus where you will be given full freedom to (co-)develop an innovative Industry X.0 prototype or business strategy.You can choose any of the internship options below or alternatively if you have a clear vision or a fantastic new innovation, then don’t hesitate to share this with us in your motivation when applying. Moreover, this internship is the perfect way to get to know Accenture and how we deliver value to our clients. It gives you the possibility to extend your network and boost your future career.

Internship Options:

At the Inspiration Center we are currently interested in developing the following innovation and strategy-based topics, if you are interested in working on one of these topics please mention it in your motivational letter:

  • Digital Twin & Digital Thread: Work on business cases using digital copies of real-life factories, products or processes for advanced predictive simulations.
  • Food of the Future: Work on the agricultural revolution with regards to food technology, smart food, future proof nutrition or food design and solve new global food challenges.
  • Supply Chain & Operations: Creating the connected supply chain of the future using for example AI or robotics in warehouses, Blockchain for traceability, or smart IoT to track shipping containers.
  • Visual Analytics: Manual visual inspections are a thing of the past. Combine rapid automatic image processing with drones and cobots to revolutionize the maintenance industry.
  • Workplace Experience: Develop a smart office out of the Inspiration Center and dive into the world of WX by combining technology, operations, culture and employee experience to drive cost efficiency, productivity and growth.
  • Sustainability X.0: Work on a better world by accurately measuring the environmental footprint in the industry and developing new and disrupting green solutions.
  • Applied Intelligence: AI is transforming the world as we know it and you can be a part of it via Robotic Process Automation (RPA), virtual assistants or cognitive computing to automate the industrial world.
  • Digital Workforce: Create the connected worker for the future workforce and daring new business concepts using augmented, virtual, mixed reality combined with haptic feedback.
  • 5G: Brainstorm on the next wireless revolution, including Connected Automated Vehicles (CAV) that process an unparalleled amount of data that require radical new solutions which you might turn into reality at the HTC 5G Hub.
  • Factory of the Future: Lead by example and explore advanced manufacturing innovations, Intelligent and autonomous Cobotics, additive manufacturing concepts or parallel product and manufacturing engineering.
  • Marketing & Communication: Do you want to be the host and face of the Eindhoven Inspiration Center? You will be the central point of contact and coordination of internal events with Accenture colleagues, innovation journeys with our clients, organise industry conventions and supporting local initiatives such as the Female Tech Heroes network. So, if you love everything digital but don’t have a high-tech background, be sure to apply for this position!

Your team

At Accenture Digital, we consider ourselves as the most effective 'digital enablers' around. And with good reason: our work includes pioneering next-level marketing, implementing industry-changing digital transformations and improving business performance using digital technology and data insights. As an intern you will be part of The Digital Talent Factory. Here you will be provided with an unforgettable and valuable internship in which you cooperate with Accenture Advisors and your fellow interns. We collaborate closely with our clients (including some world-famous brand names) to figure out what the possibilities are for their business. Innovating through cloud, mobility, or analytics, our end goal is to design and deliver custom digital solutions that really work in the field – whether that’s online or offline.


Our offer

Accenture is an incredible place to work - and keep learning. By joining us, you’ll become part of a global company with a world-class brand and reputation. Besides the work we do for our clients, we’re really proud of our vibrant, diverse workplace culture: we believe in openness and honesty, fairness and equality, common sense and realism. We want to get to know the real you and help you explore and grow - whatever it is you're great at. So you will always have lots of learning opportunities (formal and informal) to improve your role-specific skills and expertise.Besides our high-profile, challenging projects and our nurturing work environment, we offer excellent employee benefits, including:

  • Compensation and a laptop
  • Travel’s allowance
  • Guidance by a team of experienced consultants
  • An active intern-community

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