Finance Talent Programme

Function: Talent Attraction | 36 hours a week

Type: Job

Location: Various

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Do you want to get ahead of the game in finance? Do you want to have an impact in an environment that is constantly subject to innovation and change? Banking is no longer just about storing and processing money and transactions, it goes way further than that! And for that, we need your talents to support the transition.

Fast, up-to-date and clear financial management information is essential. That’s why financial expertise is needed more than ever in all imaginable processes, from administration, pricing, forecasting, modelling, to decision support, risk management and control. In short, the Finance function is of strategic importance across the full scope of ABN AMRO and at every level. A great opportunity to profile yourself more and more as a business partner. This requires employees with excellent numerical insight and the ability to translate this into maximum added value for ABN AMRO. 

This program offers you the opportunity to become a qualified all-round finance professional in a short time. The unique thing about this program is you can contribute to a completely new state of the art finance and risk system landscape and be part of the transition.

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