Recruitment Events Upcoming? This is How to Secure your Spot.

With many recruitment events upcoming, we want you to feel ready to show recruiters your best side! Recruitment events are a great way to start networking and building your competencies for your future career. Preparing will be even more fun knowing that the next recruitment event is the biggest on-campus recruitment event in Europe: the Erasmus Recruitment Days. This article will therefore guide you through the process leading up to this event so that you can make the most out of it.

Getting Ready for a Recruitment Event

For the ones who are not quite familiar with the concept, recruitment events are events that attempt to connect companies with students like you. Additionally, these events offer a large range of activities to expand your knowledge, network or build your competencies. The number of companies that attend varies from 10-300, depending on how large the event is. Both the organisations and students have a lot to gain during these events, which is why recruitment events are very popular amongst students. With these simple steps you’ll soon be completely ready for all recruitment events!

Step 1. Do your research

It is crucial to do some research into the recruitment events you are interested in before signing up. For example, visit the websites of upcoming events, find out what speakers and companies will be present and what activities or sessions would be helpful to attend. For example, the ERD has dedicated an entire website to the Erasmus Recruitment Days (ERD) which offers a lot of information about the event, activities and speakers. Make sure to browse around and check out this website ( before signing up. Also, beware to check whether you meet the requirements set by the event. Most recruitment events require you to hand in your resume. Make sure to prepare this document beforehand so that you are already prepared before you sign up (see step 2 & 3 for further information). Make sure to do this, it would be a shame if your resume wouldn’t meet the requirements. So, start browsing and researching!

Step 2. Make sure you have a resume ready

Before you start applying for the event, it is important to make sure you have a resume! For recruiters, your resume is your business card and a representation of you. For more information on how to best write and build you resume, refer to our article ‘Resume Writing Outline’.

If you already have a resume, make sure to double check this document. Wouldn’t it be somewhat inconvenient if a company checks out your resume, wants to contact you, but your phone number and email address are incorrect? So, double check especially that information! Furthermore, if you have a picture on your resume that this is one that is professional and representable to you. It is important to update your resume regularly. All in all, your resume should have a professional feel. Also, a tip is to try tailor your resume somewhat to the type of companies you’re interested in or to a certain branch. Additionally, your resume should provide the correct information and be up-to-date and properly checked for spelling and/or grammar mistakes.

Step 3. Make your resume stand out

Content wise, we advise you to briefly elaborate on certain job experiences and/or extracurricular activities.  This is very useful for recruiters. Giving a short description of the responsibilities you had during your job will give recruiters an image whether your experience will match certain job descriptions or companies. Also, certainly mention extracurricular activities on your resume. Being part of a sorority or fraternity might not seem like something to mention on your resume, however (Dutch) companies do like to see social commitment like this. Also, being part of a committee or board is definitely valuable to companies. So, (almost) everything you have done during your academic career that required extra effort or work is worthwhile mentioning on your resume and will make you stand out from other students.

During the Event

Bring whatever you deem necessary to the event! It is for example useful to bring a notebook in which you can write down your questions or take notes of certain contacts. Moreover, it might be very useful to consider designing and bringing your business card to a recruitment event. Business cards are usually highly appreciated by recruiters. For more tips and tricks on what best to do during a recruitment event, refer to the article ‘How to Network at a Career Event’. This article provides a complete list of tips and tricks for during a recruitment event, so make sure to check it out.

Secure your spot! A Port of Possibilities

Don’t wait too long to register. Many students are very eager to secure their place at recruitment events and to experience such an informative event as the Erasmus Recruitment Days. So, now that you’re ready to put all of these steps into practice, don’t forget to sign up for the ERD! Mark your calendars, the event takes place from 24 January until 9 February at the Erasmus University Rotterdam and registration is open until January 5th. Be quick to visit the promo stands in T or C Building, hope to see you there!


Show them what you’re made of! Good luck!