About the Erasmus Recruitment Service.

About the Erasmus Recruitment Service

The Erasmus Recruitment Service (General Partnership) facilitates students of Erasmus University Rotterdam by providing a wide range of career opportunities offered by its two main components: the Erasmus Recruitment Days and the Erasmus Recruitment Platform. Since 1997, the Erasmus Recruitment Days is the most acclaimed recruitment event of Erasmus University Rotterdam. In 2015, the Erasmus Recruitment Platform was established as the personal bridge between the Erasmus student and the corporate world. The Erasmus Recruitment Service is an initiative by the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) and the Study Association Rotterdam School of Management (STAR).

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About Erasmus Recruitment Platform

The Erasmus Recruitment Platform is the personal bridge between the Erasmus student and the corporate world. With expansive company profiles and a large supply of internships, vacancies and events, students can orientate on potential employers. Another unique feature is the environment where students can find professional advice on entering today's labor market.

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About Erasmus Recruitment Days

The Erasmus Recruitment Days, the largest on-campus recruitment event in Europe, takes place each year at Erasmus University Rotterdam. During the Erasmus Recruitment Days, you can get in touch with over 100 leading international companies. The Erasmus Recruitment Days offers you the opportunity to participate in workshops, interviews, company presentations, dinners, lunches, various forms of informal recruitment, and drinks.

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About EFR

Founded in 1925, the Economic Faculty association Rotterdam (EFR) aims to bridge the gap between theory and practice for its more then 5500 members. The EFR organizes study related activities for economically oriented students at Erasmus University Rotterdam and provides students with a valuable experience in one of EFR's four pillars: education, development, orientation and network. The best known events are the EFR Business Week (BW), the EFR/EenVandaag lijsttrekkersdebat and the Erasmus Recruitment Days (ERD).

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About STAR

STAR is the study association of Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), with more than 6300 members. Each year, more than 270 dedicated active members organize STAR projects that reach thousands of students.

STAR provides students the opportunity to get in contact with their fellow students, their study, and a broad range of companies. This is facilitated by the great amount of activities that are organized by numerous committees and Master Study Clubs. There are activities for both BA and IBA students in all phases of their study. The best known events are the STAR Management Week (SMW), The Erasmus Consultancy Project (ECP), and the Erasmus Recruitment Days (ERD). 

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Erasmus School of Economics

Erasmus School of Economics is a leading centre for scientific research and education. The studies at this internationally acclaimed institute give all kinds of career opportunities. Many companies and organizations in the Netherlands as well as abroad are interested to recruit students of Erasmus School of Economics before and after their graduation. Rotterdam economists are widely employable and the basis for future work lies in the choice of subjects chosen during the study.

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Erasmus Trustfonds

The vision of the Erasmus Trustfonds is based on the strong triangle: City – University – Business world, in combination with a proactive attitude. The Erasmus Trustfonds wants to inspire parties to come up with proposals that find their fundament in the three main subjects: The university of the future, the learning city and the starting business.

The Erasmus Trustfonds financially supports the Erasmus Recruitment Platform with the amount of €25,000.